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Church Address:
Williamsville United Methodist Church
5681 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221-5517

Church Office Phone: (716) 634-4800

Church Office Fax: (716) 634-4801

General Church E-Mail Address:

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Job Inquiries:
Your e-mail inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate contact person.

Please use the church office contact information at the bottom of this page to reach our office staff during regular office hours. Our voice mail is checked frequently, so feel free to leave a message when calling. You can also reach the pastor and most staff either on their cell phones or through e-mail using the contact information included on the Leadership Profiles and News page.

The office staff can answer most questions and provide information about church events. They can also provide details about renting our church facility, or put you in touch with our pastor to discuss baptism, weddings, and funerals.

If you want to include an announcements in the weekly bulletin, please submit the information to Denise before noon on Wednesday.

Church Office Hours - 10-1 am daily.

If you have an emergency and must speak to a pastor, she may be contacted at:

Senior Pastor: The Rev. Heather Stierheim
Office phone: 716-634-4800

Other Church Staff Who Are Here to Help You

Pastoral Assistant for Nurture and Visitation: Barbara Saltarella
Director of Christian Education: position open

Music Directors: Judith Stafford and Wendy Amuso

Church Administrator: Brenda Barton


Nursery Care Supervisor: Kathleen Ciccone

Nursery Care Assistants: Amanda Dickerman and Sarah Hein


Lay Leaders

Please visit the "Our Lay Leaders" page on this web site to find out how to contact a lay leader and to see a brief explanation of their ministry area.



Don't Miss a Thing with Syndication!

Mina Rohde

RSS or "really simple syndication" is a way to view updates from your favorite websites all in one location. Just as a syndicated news column is published in many newspapers, an RSS news feed is "published" directly to Internet users without them having to visit the website where the news is located. You may be using RSS already and not know it. If you read your Facebook Wall or check the news on My Yahoo!, Lotus Notes, or, those services use RSS to gather information from all over the Web and display it in one place. Many Internet browsers support RSS reading as well.

Our church website supports syndication for all announcements. To use this feature, click the orange icon with the white semicircles located in the bottom right-hand corner of the announcement column. You can either: 1) choose which application will subscribe to the news feed, or 2) copy the link in the address bar and paste it into your application's "Add RSS Feed" option.

After setting up this syndication option – Voila, each week the announcements and news from our church will appear on your personal page. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Mina Rohde. 


Building Use and Set-Up Policy

We are an alive and active church, which means use of our facilities has increased. To assist in planning the facility usage and allow time in my schedule to prepare the required space, please let me know at least one week in advance of when you would like to use church facilities. To help accommodate everyone's needs, please use the following process when requesting to use the building for a church activity:

1. Begin by checking the church calendar to make sure the date and space are available.
2. Once you have decided on a date, ask Denise to add your event to the church Calendar.
3. In addition, at least one week prior to the event, enter the activity in the "Building Use" notebook located in the copy room. Be sure to include the following information:

a. Provide a diagram of how you need table and chairs arranged in the space. 
b. Provide a list of equipment you would like to use. I will let you know if the equipment is available or if we need to make other arrangements.

Following this procedure should allow us to fulfill all ministry needs. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

Click here to download a Building Use and Set-Up Recquisition Form.