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Church Gardens

 Rosemary Elliott


The grounds around our Church have been particularly colorful this year. Part of that is due to perennial plantings made in previous years, all but the hydrangeas really flourished. The annuals have also grown well. About twenty members of the congregation contributed toward paying for the annuals which were purchased as part of the spring fundraiser for flowers. They were planted by Nancy Cimbal and Rosemary Elliott with the help of Floyd Schebell. Nancy planted the flower beds around the Oak Grove entrance and the pots near the doors. Rosemary and Floyd planted the rest. Weeding was done as needed. There was a lot of rain in the early summer, so very little watering was required, and this helped the plants get off to a good start. Many members have commented on the appearance of the grounds, and we are glad that people are happy with them. It would be nice to have a few more volunteers at planting time next year, and a few volunteers willing to remove weeds throughout the summer. Perhaps you would be willing to help.




United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women (UMW) is an organization of approximately one million members worldwide whose purpose is to foster spiritual growth, develop leaders and advocate for justice.  Members raise nearly $25 million each year for programs and projects related to women, children and youth in the United States and in more than 100 countries around the world. Visit the UMW website at to learn more about the programs and projects they support.

UMW Rachel Circle at WUMC

At WUMC, the Rachel Circle is an active UMW circle that meets on a monthly basis. In addition to providing fellowship and support, this circle works on several projects each year. For example, through their fundraising projects, these circles are able to donate approximately $1,000 each year to the Niagara Frontier District UMW.

In addition, the Rachel Circle is responsible for one of the cottages at Gateway-Longview. When a resident of their cottage has a birthday, the Rachel Circle makes a birthday cake and then delivers it. They usually provide about 10 cakes each year.

The women who participate in this circle enjoy special times of fellowship as they support worthy projects and plan fundraisers that contribute to the worldwide efforts of the UMW organization.

Women of Williamsville (WOW) Group

The WOW (Women of Williamsville) group meets in the parlor at WUMC on the first Monday evening of the month, September through May, at 7:00 p.m. Our purpose is to strengthen our sense of community through friendship as we learn and grow together. The monthly programs vary, but always focus on deepening our faith through learning, renewal, and reaching out to others. Recently we assembled Flood Buckets for UMCOR, had a Christmas Cookie Exchange that included donating nearly 20 dozen cookies to the Seneca Street UMC Neighborhood Christmas Party, and providing holiday meal bags for needy families. Any change in our meeting time or location will be announced in advance of the meeting. For more information, contact Sondra Scott or Carol Forden.


Other WUMC Community Activities

Our vibrant community at WUMC includes many other activities that meet the spiritual and fellowship needs of members and friends including:




WUMC Prayer Chain Ministry

The Prayer Chain at WUMC accepts prayer requests for friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. You do not need to be a member of our church to ask for prayers.

As soon as we receive a prayer request from an individual or the pastor, we start the prayer request on the two lists of Prayer Chain members. Each member of the Prayer Chain calls the person below them to ensure the Prayer Chain is not broken. We convey the prayer request as succinctly as possible to protect one’s privacy. In fact, all prayer requests are considered confidential and are shared only with the pastor and other members of the Prayer Chain. Once we are notified that the last person on each list has received the prayer request, then we close the Prayer Chain.

While it takes only a few minutes of telephone conversation to pass along a prayer request, this is an important ministry to those in need of spiritual assistance with all of life’s many problems. I do not know of many other church activities that are more rewarding. Feel free to call Bob or Irene Hayman at 688-1258 if you have a prayer request or need additional information.

Forty Fellowship

On May 23, 1982, part of the worship service at Williamsville United Methodist was to recognize and pay tribute to those who had been members of our church for 40 years or more. On that day, 16 Charter Members of the “Forty Fellowship” were honored. During the worship service they were presented with a United Methodist pin and a Charter Member Certificate to the Forty Fellowship. A reception was held after the service and pictures were taken. Forming a Forty Fellowship was a small way to say, “We love you and appreciate your faithfulness."

The hope of the membership committee in 1982 (Mary Jane Haight-Eckert, Clifford Eckert, Gretchen Hall, Mary El Minich, Robert Oehmler, Frank Swansfefer, Irene Williams, and Lyn Wixom) was to make the Forty Fellowship a regular part of Heritage Sunday each year.

For over 30 years, WUMC has continued this wonderful tradition of honoring these special members of our congregation. Congratulations to our new Forty Fellowship members and all who have been honored for this milestone over the years!!

Forty Fellowship Honored - June 2013

In a lovely service on June 9, 2013, Williamsville UMC recognized our 40+ year members. The fellowship began in 1982 with 16 members and honors those who have been continuous members of WUMC for 40 years or more. It is the ministries of these faithful members that have allowed WUMC to move forward and be the terrific church it is.

The inductees into the Forty Fellowship this year are James Leopold, Geoffrey Goodwin, and Thomas Harlock.

It is through the memories, wisdom, and experience of our Forty Fellowship members that we too learn about faith. May God walk with each of you as you continue on your faith journey.

Listen to me, O house of Jacob..... even to your old age I am he, even when you turn gray I will carry you. I have made and I will bear; I will carry and will save. Isaiah 46:3-4


Beechwood Service Guild

Over 50 years ago, the Beechwood Service Guild was formed to assist with activities for the residents of the Beechwood Continuing Care. The goal of this Guild that was set forth many years ago is to: Serve the Beechwood residents in all possible ways.

All thanks to God that we are able to serve in various ways. Our gratitude goes to you, our Guild members and friends, who have supported us each year. Annual dues to the Guild are only $3.00. Special envelopes are placed in the church bulletin today. You make a meaningful difference when you renew your support. Each year the Guild hosts a Christmas Tea in December that includes a mini bazaar. Proceeds go to the Activities Department to provide funds to purchase needed items for the residents. Proceeds from the June Tea go to the Living Care Fund that helps support the residents who have used up their personal resources.

Meetings for special programs are held the first Wednesday of October, November, January, and May at 10:30 AM. Coffee and snacks are served. We welcome you to our meetings and encourage you to BE A FRIEND. May God bless you abundantly.


Our WUMC Community  

We nurture active fellowship that encourages growth in a lifelong spiritual journey with Christ. As part of the larger United Methodist community, we are committed to social justice, ending hunger, eradicating diseases of poverty, and being the healing faith community God calls us to be. On this page, you will learn about some of the ways individuals and groups at WUMC experience what it means to be part of a church community.



WUMC's Church Library

Our church library is filled with study guides, Bible commentaries, Christian reading materials, and recordings of sermons. In addition to providing resources for faith formation, WUMC's library has a "Family Section" that provides materials that address the needs of families. In this section you will find books such as Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families: Living the Faith in Daily Life by Diana R. Garland. This book includes interviews with 110 families who were each asked, “What exactly is it that characterizes faith and spirituality in family life?” Take time to read one or two stories “from ordinary families whose lives together both reveal and rely on extraordinary faith!” New books are always being added to the library. So, feel free to peruse the books and check out one or two for your personal use.

A Quiet Place with God

When you need a respite from the fast pace of your busy life, the Prayer Corner in our church library is a place to spend some quiet time with God. Read and meditate on a passage of Scripture. Turn your worries and concerns over to God in prayer. Or simply be in silence and allow God's life-giving love to wash over you and renew your strength for the continuing journey. The Prayer Corner is available whenever the church is open during the day or evenings. Rest in God's promise, "Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age."