Our Lay Leaders

The WUMC lay leaders oversee key ministries in our church. In addition to holding regular meetings with their ministry teams, lay leaders have a monthly meeting with the pastor to discuss matters that further WUMC's vision to encourage people of all ages to grow in a spiritual journey with Christ. The lay leaders strive to create an atmosphere in which all WUMC members and friends feel free to express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns to the lay leaders and pastor.

We all know that it takes a committed church community to ensure that the various programs and ministries run smoothly. Therefore, the lay leaders believe one way to measure their success is by increasing membership involvement. If your interest is peaked by one of the ministry areas mentioned below, feel free to contact the appropriate lay leader to discuss how your talents, gifts, interests, and passions can be used on different teams and projects.

We pray that as we minister together, each person will find a purpose, a welcoming church home, and a supportive Christian community.


Chair: Annette Jones

The Trustees are responsible for managing and maintaining the real property of the church, as well as administering and investing trusts and bequests. They also oversee investment of various other funds such as the Endowment Fund, Parsonage Maintenance Fund, Music Fund, and the Douglas Zimmerman Scholarship Fund. When needed the Trustees solicit the help of church members by sponsoring Church Work Days.


Chair: John Tschamler

(E-mail: SPRC@williamsvilleumc.org)
This team is the personnel ministry team of the church. As such, they are the major avenue of communication between staff and congregation. This team is responsible for developing job descriptions, evaluating performance, making salary and benefit recommendations to the Charge Conference, filling vacancies in lay staff, and advising the district superintendent about pastoral appointments.



Rosemary Elliott

(Email: treasurer@williamsvilleumc.org)



Dave Reichard

(E-mail: LayLeader@williamsvilleumc.org)
The Coordinating Lay Leader provides support to the lay leaders of the following ministry teams: Communications, Education, Finance, Member Care, Memorials, Open Door Nursery School, Outreach and Missions, Stewardship, Worship
Each lay leader has the freedom to accomplish important ministries related to WUMC’s financial, spiritual, relational, and educational needs. In the coming years, the Coordinating Lay Leader plans to develop a closer working relationship with each lay leader and become better at serving and attending to the needs of our church family.



Lay Leader: (position open)

(E-mail: Communications@williamsvilleumc.org)
The primary mission of the Communications Team is to find effective ways to inform church members, friends, and the community about the various ministries and events at WUMC. The tasks assigned to the Communications Team include public relations, the monthly newsletter, maintain and update the Web site, taking photos and/or video of WUMC services and events, and record sermons to create MP3 files that are uploaded to the church's Web site.



Lay Leader: (position open)

(E-mail: ChristianEd@williamsvilleumc.org)
The Education Ministries Team works closely with the Director of Christian Education to provide Christian education and fellowship to our children, youth, and adults. We view Christian education as a lifelong process of learning, understanding, believing, and implementing lessons from Scripture into our lives.



Chair: (position open)

The Finance Ministries Team develops and leads WUMC's annual giving campaign. They are also responsible for reviewing the budget and making recommendations.



Lay Leader: Sara Wishman

(E-mail: MemberCare@williamsvilleumc.org)
The Member Care Ministries team works with the Nurture and Wellness to plan and implement service and fellowship programs for all ages. This team also reaches out to others and develops people to serve in various capacities and focuses on incorporating the whole church in worship, activities, and the life of the church. Along with Nurture and Wellness, the Member Care team brings the word of God to those who can no longer be present in church service and activities. In addition, the Member Care Ministries is actively involved in visitation, prayer ministry, WUMC's health outreach events, providing meals needed by those in need due to illness and bereavement, and welcoming new members.


Lay Leader: Sally Jost

Members of the Memorials Ministries determine use of memorial gifts according to the wishes of givers, and in the best interest of the congregation.



Lay Leader: Jenn Hinklin

(E-mail: NurserySchool@williamsvilleumc.org)
This lay leader serves as the liaison between Open Door Nursery School (ODNS) and Williamsville United Methodist Church, which owns ODNS. WUMC and the Board of Directors have operated ODNS on a nonprofit basis since its founding in 1970. Tuition covers the cost of salaries, supplies, equipment, and insurance. New York State certified teachers provide social, physical, and intellectual experiences for children of all races and religions.



Leader: Kevin Lyttle

(E-mail: Outreach@williamsvilleumc.org)
The Outreach and Missions Ministries oversee and organize the local outreach programs in which WUMC participate. Our local outreach efforts are primarily focused on Seneca Street Church (SSC), Asbury Shalom Zone (ASZ), and Gateway-Longview. A core group from WUMC actively volunteers with Habitat for Humanity to restore homes in the city of Buffalo and several other members volunteer at the Central City Café soup kitchen to feed the hungry in downtown Buffalo.


Leaders: Kevin Lyttle and Greg Valentine

(Email: stewardship@williamsvilleumc.org)
The Stewardship Ministries Team is responsible for leading members and friends to become faithful stewards in all aspects of their lives. This team seeks to address planned giving as part of our Christian stewardship



Lay Leader: (position open)

(E-mail: Worship@williamsvilleumc.org)
The teams that form the Worship Ministries coordinate various aspects of congregational worship and special seasonal celebrations including the choirs, ushers, communion stewards and servers, altar guild, lay readers, and acolytes. The team helps foster individual and congregational development and growth through retreats, special services, programs, devotional suggestions, and occasional classes and small groups.