Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are pleased that you are interested in having your wedding ceremony at Williamsville United Methodist Church.

To assist with your planning, information is included below about our congregation’s policies regarding sanctuary weddings. We also provide a few pages of music selections to consider.

The next step is yours. After carefully reviewing our policies, if you are interested in having your wedding ceremony at WUMC, please contact our pastor to see if the church is available.

Prior to your first meeting with our pastor, you need to complete the information sheets listed below, which are downloadable as PDF files. Don't worry if you are not able to answer all of the questions. Just do the best you can, and then return the completed forms to church office as soon as possible. As you proceed through the prenuptial meetings with the pastor, the answers will be discovered.

Our prayers are with both of you as you prepare for the joyful days ahead. Please feel free to contact a pastor if you have questions.








Wedding Information

Williamsville United Methodist Church extends heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming marriage. The information below is intended to help as you plan your wedding service.

In choosing to have your wedding at WUMC, you are asking for a Christian service. A Christian wedding service is an act of worship characterized by dignity, reverence, joy, and, we believe, by the gracious presence and love of God. While there may be variations in the order of service from wedding to wedding, the order of service of every wedding will be one deemed appropriate by a pastor of WUMC.

We hope that as you look ahead, you will look to the church community as one place where your marriage covenant can be supported and enriched. We invite you to make church attendance and participation in the life of the church part of your married lifestyle. Church affiliation by a couple can provide a spiritual strength which keeps them joined in an affectionate participation in all the joys and struggles of their life together.  


BEFORE making public announcements of your wedding date and commitments for your reception, consult with our pastor about her/his availability and whether or not the church calendar is clear.

Both of you are expected to meet with the pastor at least three times prior to the rehearsal and wedding. Please make plans for these sessions well in advance. These meetings include premarital counseling and detailed planning of the order of service for your wedding.

WUMC considers your date only "penciled in" until after your second meeting with the pastor. After that session, we consider the date firm.

Be aware that we consider some dates inappropriate for a wedding for various reasons. They are: the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas Sunday, Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday.

It is customary to have a rehearsal. All members of the wedding party should be at the rehearsal so the wedding service will run smoothly. The pastor is in charge of the rehearsal. Therefore, speak to the pastor about any changes in your plans prior to the rehearsal. Rehearsals MUST begin on time to respect the other obligations the pastor may have. A rehearsal should take no more than an hour, and is usually scheduled for the evening before the wedding.

If you wish to have a minister other than the appointed pastor of WUMC participate in the service, a request must be made to the officiating pastor. If approved, the officiating pastor will make the appropriate invitation to the guest minister. A guest minister may assist the pastor of WUMC. To avoid embarrassment and complications, a guest minister should be contacted only after approval has been given by the WUMC pastor.

Soon after your first consultation with our pastor, please contact an organist from the pre-approved list the pastor will give you. You should also contact persons you may wish to have as soloists. If you plan to have another musician play during the service, please discuss this with the pastor and organist. It is expected that any guest organist will be experienced in the use of organs comparable to ours and will observe the musical standards of the church.

In selecting music for your wedding, remember that this is a service of worship. Some kinds of music such as popular songs or show tunes, are more appropriate for your reception than for your wedding service.

If you have engaged a soloist, make arrangements for the organist to rehearse with the soloist. It is important to call the church office to arrange access to the building for this rehearsal. Generally, it is not necessary for the organist to be at the rehearsal.


FLOWERS: Make arrangements with a florist of your choice. A single, moderately-sized floral arrangement fits on the altar table. Other appropriate decorations may be placed elsewhere in the chancel area but are not required.

If you plan to use an aisle runner, it can be obtained through your florist. Florists and wedding consultants should be advised that taping anything to the pews is forbidden. Clips or ties should be used instead.

If your flowers will be delivered to the church outside of regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.), make arrangements with the pastor several weeks prior to the wedding for delivery at another time. Be clear with your florist that special arrangements have been made and that the church building is not generally open through out the day on Saturday.

The flowers you place on the altar may be taken with you following the service or left for the following Sunday's morning worship. Please tell the church office ahead of time which option you choose.

CANDLES: Two candles for the altar are provided. Two 7-branch candelabra, candles lining the pews, or candles for the sanctuary wall sconces are available at extra charge. (Candlelight services are appropriate after 6:00 p.m.) If you desire to have family and wedding candles as part of your service, you must provide these.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: Your photographer may take flash photos from the center aisle during the processional and recessional ONLY. During the ceremony, the photographer may take available-light photographs from the balcony. The sanctuary can be used for photographs following the wedding service.

Your guests are not to take flash pictures during the service. It is your responsibility to make this clear to your guests.

Professional videographers may use one of the side aisles during the service. Photography and video are not permitted from the chancel area during the service.

BRIDE'S ROOM: A room with separate entry off the church parking lot is available for the bride and her attendants.

RECEIVING LINE: If you wish, you may use the Oakgrove entrance lobby for a receiving line following the service.

BIRDSEED, ETC.: Because the throwing of rice, confetti, and birdseed is environmentally harmful and difficult to clean up, we must insist that your guests refrain from doing so.

CAPACITY: The WUMC sanctuary will seat about 250 on the main floor. The balcony has seating for another 40.

ACCESSIBILITY: WUMC has an elevator that makes all levels of the building accessible from the outside elevator door, which is just off the parking lot. The elevator accommodates three persons at a time or one person in a wheelchair and one attendant.

PARKING: WUMC has on-site parking for 14 cars, including handicapped spaces near the elevator. Space on Oakgrove can be reserved for the bridal party. If you will have a stretch limousine or wedding bus, be sure the church custodian knows so extra space can be reserved. Encourage your guests to park on Oakgrove or Main Street. Nearby parking lots are only available when the businesses they service are closed.

BULLETIN: If you plant to provide your guests with a printed order of service, consult with the pastor about what should be included. We encourage you to arrange for the typing and copying of the bulletins. Your bulletins should be brought to the church no later than the day of the rehearsal. If you need the church office to type your bulletin and copy it on bulletin stock we provide, this will be an additional cost.

NEW YORK STATE MARRIAGE LICENSE: It is your responsibility to obtain a NYS marriage license. These are valid for 60 days after they are issued and may be obtained at any town or city clerk's office. Give the pastor the license and its return envelope at the rehearsal at the latest.

FEES: Costs are detailed in the .pdf file below. Checks covering your expenses are due in the church office at least one week before your wedding.

NO SMOKING in the church building.

Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in the church building or on church grounds.  


Messages can be left at the church office (716-634-4800) for our pastor, the office manager, or the church custodian. 


Wedding Music


Suggested Organ Music for Church Weddings

The following is a partial list of suggested organ music for church weddings. No list could include all of the music appropriate for church weddings, nor does this list attempt to do so. Any additional request can usually be performed if the music is available and the selection is appropriate for a church wedding. Approximately 20 minutes of music will be played before the wedding unless a specific request in made for more. The organist will select from your indications the amount of music needed for a twenty minute program. 

BACH: Arioso; Be Thou But Near; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee; O Fairest Jesu; Prelude in C Major 

BEETHOVEN: Andante; Prayer     

BRAGA: Angel's Serenade     

CHOPIN:  Prelude in C Minor; Prelude Number 7; Etude    

CRUGER: Now Thank We All Our God    

DEBUSSY: Girl With The Flaxen Hair; Arabesque   

DUNLOP: Wedding Prayer    

ENGLEMANN: Melody of Love    

FRANCK: Choral; Invocation    

GRIEG: At Thy Feet; Ich Liebe Dich    

HANDEL: Aria; Largo    

HIMMEL: Voluntary    

LISZT: Liebestraum    

MASSENET: Prelude in C; Meditation    

MENDELSSOHN: But The Lord is Mindful of His Own    

MOZART:  Andante    

PURCELL/CLARK: Trumpet Tune; Trumpet Voluntary    


SCHUBERT: Agnus Dei; Andante Con Moto 


Suggestions for Vocal Solos

The following are suggestions for vocal solos for church weddings. Again, this is a partial list, and many more solos are acceptable, if the sheet music is available and ample time is provided for the organist and soloist to rehearse. 

Please note that any of the following suggested solos may also be selected as organ music to be played before or during the wedding ceremony.

BACH: Be Thou But Near; If Thou Art Near; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; My Heart Ever Faithful; Wedding Cantata    

BACH-GOUNOD: Ave Maria    

BARNBY: O Perfect Love    

BEETHOVEN: Ich Liebe Dich    

BERNSTEIN: One Hand, One Heart; Somewhere    

BITGOOD: Greatest of These Is Love    

BLACK: The Pledge    

BOCK-HARNICK: Sunrise, Sunset    

BRAHMS: Though I Speak With Thee; Tongues of Men    

BURLEIGH: O Perfect Love    

BUXTEHUDE: My Jesus Is My Lasting Joy    

CARPENTER: For All We Know; We've Only Just Begun    

CURRAN: The Lord's Prayer    

DE LOS RIOS: A Song of Joy    

d'HARDELOT: Because    

De KOVEN: O Promise Me    

DUNLOP: Wedding Prayer    

DVORAK: I Will Sing New Songs of Gladness; Twenty-Third Psalm; The Lord's Prayer    

FRANCK: O Lord Most Holy    

GRIEG: Ich Liebe Dich    

HANDEL: Thanks Be to Thee; Where E'er You Walk    

JARRE: Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love)    

JACOBS-BOND: I Love You Truly    

KING: Hawaiian Wedding Song    

KING, CAROLE: You've Got A Friend    

LENNON-McCARTNEY: Here, There and Everywhere    

LERNER-LANE: On A Clear Day    

LOVELACE: Wedding Benediction    

MALOTTE: The Lord's Prayer; The Twenty-Third Psalm    

MENDELSSOHN: Be Thou Faithful Unto Death; If With All Your Hearts; Wedding Hymn    

MOZART: Allelujah    

PUBLIC DOMAIN: The Wedding Song    

ROTA: Theme from Romeo and Juliet    

SCHUBERT: Ave Maria    

SCHUMANN: In Heavenly Love Abiding; Traumeri    

SHIRE-MATBY: Starting Here, Starting Now    

SOWERBY: O Perfect Love    

STEVENS: Morning Has Broken    

STIGMAN-LAI: Love Story    

STREISEND, BARBRA: Evergreen; The Rose    

WAGNER: To the Evening Star    

WARD-STEVENS: Love Never Faileth    

WILLIAMS, D.H.: A Wedding Prayer    

WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHN: The Call; I Got Me Flowers 


 Suggestions for Processional and Recessional

Bridal Chorus - Wagner

The Wedding March - Mendelssohn

Trumpet Tune - Purcell  

Trumpet Voluntary - Clark

The Heavens Are Telling - Haydn

Largo - Handel

March Romaine - Gounod

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Bach

Morning Has Broken - Traditional



Downloadable Forms and Information